Our Story

Belle Cristal proudly shares with you,

 “A Collection of Magical Moments!”


Our Embellished Fashion Boot will add just enough Shimmer & Sparkle into your life by adding a Radiant style to your wardrobe. Everyone around you will Marvel every time you wear your selected Inspirational Boot!

All of our boots are Hand Crafted by the very best Craftsman world renown in Leon Mexico, creating a Quality of its’ own!  You can count on extensive attention to detail, the highest quality in leathers, and the icing on the cake is our hand crafted inner sole to give that butter soft feeling as you put one foot in front of the other!!

We are so very proud to have such a talented team working together to bring to market a one of a kind Designer Boot creating a specific theme of inspiration behind each design for each collection.

The Crystal boots are adorned with crystals from Swarovski, to do their magic… We are extremely proud to stand by you always with more innovative creations of stunning crystal fashion to add to our current Collections. The key ingredient, BELLE CRISTAL, Beautiful Crystal!!!

Our Pricing signifies the utmost in quality and precision detail as a time piece of art, that can be worn with any style clothing, evolving our boots into a category or its’ own, “Embellished Fashion”!

The Tedious efforts from all involved have Belle Cristal surpass any other type of boot on the market. We are it!  We are proud of it, because we can share this special one of kind boot with you to share with everyone you know.  Your Special, you deserve the very best, and let it Shine, Bedazzle and Twinkle… just like a Princess.

Don’t Forget to share, “Your  Magical Moments”, with us, Your Belle Cristal Boot will sparkle from the moment you walk into a room, and strongly be remembered well after you leave!

Sincerely Yours,

Brenda Buesing, Executive Designer/CEO-Owner